DisasterS,2014                    Hlavná stránka   Rock & Metal   

(c) Imrich Petrov, 2014

Asteroid (Apophis)  

Mass of rock and heavy metal    
wandering in dark space
Looking for some target.       

Circling like a bird of prey,
it´s orbiting the sun
hidden from the eye

Asteroid with name of evil god                   
Apophis- god of darkness and destroyer
Getting close to Earth with every flyby
And spelling the end... the end of humanity 

Black Hole Eye    

Mysterious eye of black hole   
Is staring right at me                

Calling me to pass the event horizon   
To touch the phantasy                        

Mysterious eye of black hole     
Is staring right at me                  

Reflecting my curious face     
Far beyond reality                 

Flowers of Solitude  

Flowers fell on the floor       
We finally slammed the door
Everything now is over...     


You still love these golden little flowers
And You always did                           
You still love these golden little flowers
And You always will                          

Flowers used to serve for your pulchritude

Now they´ll grace your grief and solitude   


Excruciating pain                    
Piercing through Your brain    

Could it be migraine
That makes You go insane?

Isn't this very inhumane            
can´t to get rid of the pain ?
It´s Your torture every night
Can´t help yourself- You´re right

Pompeii (Place of no Return)   

Overwhelming blast of ash and fire                 
Blows the dark smoke up to the sky and higher
Volcano erupts with extreme power               

Pyroclastic wave spreads deadly cover...

This is place of no return...

Time was up and destruction was coming
All around were screaming people running
No escape, just death, the die was cast
Famous city was buried under ashes fast...     

This is place of no return...



Mighty power forces all    
Continents to slide            
Every day and every night  
Tectonic plates collide       

Somewhere deep on the ocean floor   
Earthquake has begun                         
And has caused tsunami wave            
Destruction will come!                        



Spiritual Prisoner 

Time is running, time is running out without warning       
Nobody knows it, no one, but me                                    
I decided to change my life and to do something                
I decided to leave You, to break free                                

What have You thought, we could stay together?            
Or have You even thought it was forever?                       
And thank You for Your hospitality                                 
It is very important decision                                            
To escape from your spiritual prison                                
But one day I will find my serenity                                    


Looking through the open window of my mind                  
I saw someone walking on the winter path                        
It was me and nearly blind                                                
´cos biting wind was blowing the snow just into my eyes   

My journey was so long and I was very tired                    
My feet became heavy and I wanted to fly                        
But my wings were so injured                                           
And I had to fight the blowing wind and snow and ice       
Looking through the open window of my mind                   
I can see myself up in the air to fly                                    
It is me I´m very high                                                        
My bleeding wings are circling the sky                              

This journey never ends and I am very tired                       
My wings are so heavy and I want to land                         
And fighting wind and snow and ice                                  
I can´t to find the way from hell to paradise                       

Train of Fools   

Lot of fools on the train                
Where we travell, can´t explain
There´s no light anywhere
Only dark we will share               

The train of fools is dashing through the darkness!   

  The End of the Universe 

Darkness versus light            
Expansion of spacetime
Galaxies speeding up            

And spreading fast apart

Daemons of the night
Black holes eating stars
Stars burning out                   

And ceasing to shine            

Darkness versus ligh            

Nothingness versus life       
Explosion of the dark
Extinction of the stars

Dark energy rules the sky
What if universe will die?        


(c) Imrich Petrov, 2014

Hlavná stránka   Rock & Metal